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Atelier Dore: A Street Style with Katherine Tsina Bird

Every piece you carry in your store comes with a certain amount of thoughtfulness behind their designs. Can you elaborate on how you curate and edit your shop? What are the most important values or characteristics of a brand or piece when looking for new offerings?

I have only one real criteria for the store and that is that I must really love and use everything going in there. Whether it’s the children’s collections I buy for my son, the ceramics I use at home, or collections I wear- I try to choose what I find beautiful and unique. I feel like these days there are many great trend driven stores with popular brands but I have been trying to do something that is very classic and timeless in my store. The clothes don’t change as quickly and I like to see how my collection and the other lines develop piece by piece. I try to create a calm environment to shop in also that is quite and edited- I’m always taking things off the floor. I look for quality and craftsmanship first, something that will last and has value. I feel happy when people tell me the store has a distinct point of view. I love to think about every detail.

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