Feit Hand Sewn Low White Semi Cordovan

Feit Hand Sewn Low White Semi Cordovan


The Hand Sewn Low is crafted from a special women’s last in order to create a slimmer, more tapered silhouette of one of the brand’s iconic styles. This FEIT interpretation features features FEIT’s advanced Goodyear construction, all-natural materials and unlined raw edges. The style has been created in new Semi Cordovan leather in white. Historically, cordovan has been used only for luxury dress shoes. The leather is tanned using an extensive process. The hides must be tanned slowly, nourished with natural oils and shaved.

A century ago, when horses were still a driving force behind transportation, hides were plentiful. Now they are extremely scarce and difficult to come by. These shoes feature all of the subtle details that the FEIT community has come to expect.

This FEIT interpretation is a luxury handmade version of the classic court sneaker. We recommend that this shoe be worn bare foot.
Each pair includes both square leather and cotton laces.

The Hand Sewn Low is built by hand from start to finish by one master craftsman using an advanced Goodyear construction technique that produces a superior shoe. The seamless one piece upper of the shoe is made from a single piece of leather, hand stitched at the heel. A gusseted tongue reinforces the water-resistant construction. The leather is left on the last for 10 days where light steam and humidity are used to tighten the leather, ensuring shape and fit. Buffalo leather is used for the footbed. The superior construction technique and use of natural materials ensure that the shoe breathes and does not retain sweat or odor.

An extra cork and buffalo leather insole is included with each pair to assist with in-between sizing.

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