Feit Ceremonial Mid Heel Mule Tan, Semi Cordovan

Feit Ceremonial Mid Heel Mule Tan, Semi Cordovan


The Ceremonial Mid-Heel Mule evolves our handsewn open-back style by incorporating a 60mm stacked leather heel. The exposed handstitching connects the one-piece semi cordovan upper using a modified San Crispino construction, while the braided knot detail at the heel celebrates our master craftsmen’s high level of skill.

Limited edition of 60 styles cut

All FEIT shoes are made from start to finish by one master craftsman. The one-piece upper is sewn by hand directly to the midsole. A cork footbed and a bamboo shank stabilizer are added, before cementing the leather outsole to the midsole using a natural, water-based glue. We refer to this process as a modified handsewn Goodyear construction—this method ensures all FEIT shoes can be resoled.

Cordovan leather, historically made from the buttocks section of a horse skin, has been used only for luxury dress shoes. FEIT shoes use the entire skin—hence the name "semi-cordovan”. The leather is tanned slowly, nourished with natural oils, and shaved. A century ago, when horses were still a driving force behind transportation, hides were plentiful. Now they are extremely scarce and difficult to come by. The use of this highly luxurious and elevated skin allows the foot to breathe and because it is much softer, does not require breaking in.

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